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Create Email/Upload File

Simply create a new email as usual! Yes, you can use images, attachments, and videos! Simply save your email anywhere -desktop, documents, one drive, etc. Then upload that saved email into List Leaker. Simple!

List Leaker Enables you to Email both
Microsoft Distribution Lists and Regular Emails
Distribution Lists

One email address identifies an entire list! A list can have up to 5,000 contacts per list! So, when you email just the 1 list identifier email address, Microsoft emails all 5,000! Even though Microsoft emails 5,000 contacts, only the 1 list identifier email address counts against Microsoft’s 10,000 emails per day per mailbox limit!

Example: Our Distribution List Creator software enables you to select the number of contacts you want per list. A csv file with each of the list identifier email addresses is placed on your desktop. If you created 3 lists of 5,000 then just the 3 list identifier email addresses are uploaded into List Leaker! Simple!


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No Database Required!

If you are uploading a csv that has more records than your Emails Per Hour, use the Data Chunk Scheduler.

List Leaker will sequentially grab data chunks from your csv file and process them. This enables you to have csv files that are millions of records-no databases needed!

You can put the csv file anywhere you want. (Desktop, One Drive. Google Drive, etc.) The first hour it will grab rows 1 through 3,000. Then automatically the 2nd hour it will grab the next chuck of data rows from 3001-6000 and automatically process those email addresses. It will simply automatically go through the entire million csv file.


Add as many mailboxes as you want in Desktop Outlook. Different domain names with Microsoft can also be used.

The added Microsoft mailboxes can either be licensed mailboxes that give you 10,000 emails/lists per day or Free Microsoft shared mailboxes. Free shared mailboxes do not increase your email limit but can use a different domain and diversify the origination point of the email and therefore enhance deliver ability.

In addition to MSFT mailboxes, you can also use other email services, including unlimited free emails accounts, and List Leaker will rotate all mailboxes. Add 1,000 free accounts that can each email 500 per day, and List Leaker rotates through all of them!

Customers can Opt-In Directly On to your CSV Email List!

List Leaker has developed an innovative way for businesses to automatically add email addresses to their csv email list.

Normally you would have a registration page that the customer must fill out.

Then that email address goes into a MySQL database that you need to understand how to manage!

Even if you know how to manage a database you have to constantly login with your credentials and export the new registrations that registered AFTER the last time you exported the registrations.

Chances are you do not want to give your credentials to all your customers to anyone, so you need to keep doing the constant login and export yourself!

Registration Page and Database are Not Needed!

List Leaker created a really simple OPT-IN LINK that you can place on your website/landing page! You can create in opt-in links for an many csv files as you like.

Customers simply click the opt-in link, and an email opens with the email header all filled in, and they are instructed in the email to email it.

Your customers automatically get added to your opt-in csv list of your choice!

Nothing out there like this! No registration forms! No more constantly logging into a database to grab new registrations and exporting new lists to add to that list to an existing email list!

Block Out Time Periods that you Do Not Want Emails Sent!

Experienced email managers prefer to have emails arrive during the day— not late at night!

Obviously, emails have much worse open rate when recipients open their mailboxes in the morning, prioritizing which emails to respond to.

List Leaker lets you decide whether you want to use the Do Not Email Between feature.

If you do decide to use this feature the default time to prevent scheduling emails is set from 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM next day.

You can change the Do Not Email Between times down to the minute!


List Leaker automates your requirement to enable emailed recipients the ability to Unsubscribe, also known as Opt-Out.

When you create a presentation and save it, List Leaker automatically adds the unsubscribe link to the bottom of your email body.

When the email recipient unsubscribes List Leaker removes the data record from your csv email file!


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