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David offers services catered towards financial services industry and offers products oriented towards small business marketing

Financial services consulting

10 years of financial services industry experience

AI consulting

Consulting on AI products and Data Extraction pipelines

Small business marketing

Products that deliver massive amounts of emails that outperform competitors

Database emailer​

Purchase Data Credits For DatabaseEmailer – Database Emailer Is The Largest Opt-In Source Of Email Marketing Data. 

  • Business
  • Consumer Emails 
  • Phone Numbers 
  • Opt In Email Marketing
  • Targeted Opt In Email
  • Bulk Emailing Software 
  • Opt In Leads
  • Bulk Addresses
  • Residential
  • Business Email Facebook

Scraping Software Database Emailer sells for under $25/million its 300 million targeted opt-in email database, with unlimited usage + emailing only $15 per million emails sent using white listed servers for exceptional delivery. Data is constantly cleaned, Consumer postal has up to 200 interests.

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Database Emailer Credits (shop)

TIPS Products

Buy 10M Database emailer credits - $295

• $495.00 for 50 million Records
• $590.00 for 100 million Records

Tips Products

List Leaker License (shop item/product)

• $495 monthly

Tips Products

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